Wear Proper Attire


Comfy shoes, or heeled toe boots are suggested. Long pants, or beeches for riding. 

Expect to Get Dirty


You are visiting a farm with many animals. Please understand that the grounds will be muddy after rain. Conditions are not always 100 percent perfect. 

Protect Your Head


Accidents do happen. We require all riders to wear a helmet. You are welcome to bring your own helmet. A bike helmet will do!

Complete a Waiver


All parents/guardians must complete a liability waiver for their child before they may participate in any activity here at our farm. 

We DO NOT Offer Trail Rides


We do not offer trail rides. However, we do offer many options to the beginning horse enthusiast and equine lover. Pony parties, unicorn appearances, & more. We are much more than just pony rides!

Appointment Required


Appointments must be made. There are no walkins.

email hogbackmountainponyrides@gmail.com

call 571-214-8110 

Work with the Equine Perfect for YOU!


Whether it’s a lesson, pony party or unicorn appearance, we will pick the equine that’s perfect for YOU! We take into consideration a number of variables when planning your memorable day! 



Some services require you to pay the FULL amount to reserve your spot. Other services require a deposit.